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The company started operations in 1960 in a room measuring 15 by 7 metres and has been housed in a modern industrial building since 1979 that has a central location in the Kanaalzone 2 industrial estate in Weert. Now, Wullems Constructie en Plaatwerken has grown to become a dynamic company with a vision that firmly focuses on the future. Solid workmanship combined with a diversity of advanced machines enables Wullems Constructie en Plaatwerken to continuously adjust to the requirements of its customers. 

In order to achieve this, Wullems Constructie en Plaatwerken pays much attention to detail, quality and precision when it comes to unit and series production. Through its professional way of working, competitive prices and acceptable delivery times Wullems Constructie en Plaatwerken has established a good reputation in the sector.

For more information or a talk with no obligation you can contact management. They will gladly discuss your requirements with you.