Laser Cutting - Laser Trumatic 4050

Wullems already has today the technology of tomorrow at its disposal with the new LASER TRUMATIC 4050. This laser can cut very complicated figures that are impossible to achieve with traditional cutting methods.

Laser cutting is, therefore, one of the most important innovations in the area of sheet-metal work. We have chosen to purchase a 5 kW Trumpf laser, the TRUMATIC 4050, equipped with a LIFTMASTER with 4 x 2 metre cutting dimensions because of its high quality, extreme precision and its excellent performance. The sheet-metal to be cut is positioned on the cutting table by the LIFTMASTER and after cutting it is automatically stacked away including the cut products. 

We are more productive when cutting and our lead time has been significantly shortened due to this overall solution. An automated control ensures that we can have a high level of production and produce laser work flexibly for both series and units as well as being able to process larger sheets.

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