Wullems is a family business that likes to convey its quality to its customers. The necessary professionals as well as the entire organisation are in possession of the necessary certificates.

For example, Wullems has the following certificates:

- EN-ISO 3834-3

- NEN EN1090-1 (EXC.2)

- ISO 9606-1 (LKs)

- ISO 15614-1 (LMKs)

- Internal Welding Coordinator NEN-EN-ISO 14731 level B

ISO 9606

With ISO-9606, Wullems has a broad range of possibilities within the certified product welding. For instance, the welders at Wullems have ISO-9606 certificates (welding qualification) which means they are and have been tested for their welds.

Wullems has certified welders within the following processes:

135 (MAG)/141 (TIG) in both STEEL and STAINLESS STEEL 

ISO 15614

With ISO 15614-1, or the Welding method qualification, Wullems indicates that it can weld certain ranges within processes 135 and 141 as an organisation. And the associated WPS itself may rewrite from the LMK.

Internal Welding Coordinator

Wullems has its own trained internal welding coordinator with certificate NEN-EN-ISO 14731 Level B who can test up to a certain level. For tests at a higher level, we hire an external inspector.

NEN-EN1090-1 (EXC.2)

Wullems is also in possession of the NEN-EN1090-1 (EXC.2) certification. This European standard has been applicable to all load-bearing steel and aluminium structural components since 1 July 2014. These must be provided with a CE marking according to NEN-EN1090-1, which declares that the product Wullems issues this marking for meets all welding and structural requirements set by the product standard.

Wullems has not achieved this certification for work in hall construction/large construction work. However, this certification is also needed in small construction work/sheet metal industry. Examples in which this standard may occur include: Attraction construction/Platform-Machine frames/Off-shore business/Balconies/Balustrades/Stairs/Railings.

All production processes have been approved and tested according to the EN1090-1 standards. This not only means that welding work is carried out in accordance with this standard, but laser parts or folded sheet metal also meet this standard.