Stainless steel certified welding

In terms of stainless steel certified welding, you have come to the right place at Wullems.

Wullems has a NEN-EN 1090 EXC.2 certification and a 3834 certification.

Both our company (ISO-15614) and our welders (ISO-9606) are extensively certified, so that we can act quickly.

- Angle welding in the thin sheet metal segment up to the thick sheet metal segment 

In all material types and in process 135 (MAG) and 141. (TIG)

All our welders are under supervision of our internal welding coordinator IWC level B.

Our welding coordinator also has the VT W2 certificate, meaning he is a visual welding inspector.

If a higher level welding coordinator is required, we have short lines with relevant inspection authorities and Internal Welding Engineers.

We unburden you with regard to the certified requirement you want, in the field of measurement reports/welding handbook/NDT inspections.

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